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Clom is a Python Command Line Object Mapper. It’s intended to make generating generating commands and escaping arguments easier for command line interaction. It’s particularly useful when used with Fabric or subprocess.


Install with pip or easy_install.

pip install clom

Usage Examples


>>> from clom import clom

Build a command:

>>> clom.echo("Don't test me")
"echo 'Don'\\''t test me'"

Augment with arguments:

>>>'-a', '-t', l=True).with_args('~/')
'ls -a -t -l '~/''
>>> clom.curl('', X='POST', data='message=hello')
'curl -X POST --data message=hello'

Use sub commands:

>>> clom.git.checkout('mybranch')
'git checkout mybranch'

Execute with ease:

['clom', 'clom.egg-info', 'docs', 'tests']

'# On branch master'

Iterate over results:

>>> for path in
...     print path

Handle errors:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/Users/mthornton/Dropbox/Projects/python-clom/src/clom/", line 164, in __call__
    raise CommandError(status, stdout, stderr, 'Error while executing "%s" (%s):\n%s' % (cmd, status, stderr or stdout))
CommandError: Error while executing "vagrant up" (3):
No Vagrant environment detected. Run `vagrant init` to set one up.

Group commands:

>>> from clom import AND, OR
>>> OR(clom.vagrant.up, clom.echo('Vagrant up failed'))
'( vagrant up || echo 'Vagrant up failed' )'
>>> OR(clom.vagrant.up, clom.echo('Vagrant up failed')).shell()
< object at 0x10c4a85d0>
>>> print OR(clom.vagrant.up, clom.echo('Vagrant up failed')).shell()
No Vagrant environment detected. Run `vagrant init` to set one up.
Vagrant up failed

Re-use commands:

>>> vbox = clom.VBoxManage
>>> vbox.list.runningvms
'VBoxManage list runningvms'
['"Windows Base" {949ec0af-92d0-4140-8a6c-36301ca6f695}']

Background tasks:

>>> clom.VBoxHeadless.with_opts(startvm="Windows Base").background()
'nohup VBoxHeadless --startvm 'Windows Base' &> /dev/null &'
>>> clom.VBoxHeadless.with_opts(startvm="Windows Base").background().shell()
<CommandResult return_code=0, stdout=0 bytes, stderr=0 bytes>

['"Windows Base" {949ec0af-92d0-4140-8a6c-36301ca6f695}']

Works great with fabric:

>>> from fabric.api import run, local
>>> local(
[localhost] local: ls
clom            clom.egg-info   docs            nohup.out       tests

Can even create fab commands:

>>> clom.fab.test('doctest', 'unit').deploy('dev')
'fab test:doctest,unit deploy:dev'
>>> clom.fab.with_opts('-a', hosts='').deploy.with_args('dev','test')
'fab -a --hosts deploy:dev,test'

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